My Story game – how to get unlimited diamonds?


The game has come up for the players of the world who like to live the life that what they think only in dreams or the life that is still not lived. The game of My Story offers its user to enjoy the virtual life and action or activities.

My Story Hack is one of the best applications of the game that offers many options of things and accessories to use and have enough diamonds in the game. Player of it begins the game by choosing character to play.

Other special features

  • My Story game has lots of special features for its gamers. These are written in the upcoming paragraphs:
    • The game has lots of characters to choose and command them.
    • The role of the character is also decided by the player of the game to play such as doctor, model, movie star and many more.
    • Story lines are of varieties to opt for as per the wish of the gamer such as romance, drama, tragedy and so on.
    • It is up to the user of it that what kinds of activities he or she likes to do in the game as fall in love with crush. Having a date with him or her and the list is endless.
    • Player of My Story can also use diamonds and tickets of the game to have access to the necessary things and accessories of the game.
    • User can also use My Story Hack to unlock diamonds and tickets in bulk.

Graphics and gameplay

The game has beautiful gameplay and awesome graphics which give it a real look. When user uses it he or she cannot differentiate between the real world and virtual world. Displaying the main contents of the game is quite adorable in it.